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Luxury and affordability under one roof


How do you define home? In India the definition goes way beyond bricks and mortar. It’s a dream, often nurtured through ages before it turns into a beautiful reality. The dynamics of realty in India is unique. The developers do not sell house or flats rather they offer opportunities to fulfill the long cherished dream and aspiration of a common man. The last two decades saw splurge in the demand for homes with the demand from middle income group accounting to maximum. The emerging demographics and rising aspirations coupled with buyer friendly moves by the Government gave a new outlook to the concept of housing in India. The operations of real estate was no more restricted to metros only, as it started seeping in the peripherals and even in Tier II and III cities.

Now everyone wants a luxurious living space at affordable price. Luxury and affordability under one roof is trending in realty sector. Hence Chhabra Properties offers you the Windmill for windfall returns. Chhabra Properties has been functional in the field of Industrial and Commercial infrastructure for almost three decades. Today it is ranked among top notch builders in bangalore. To keep up with the growth and expansion with the commitment to deliver the best, Chhabra Properties has set its foot in the residential sector too.


The Windmill is a flagship residential project which will provide the best of luxuries at pocket friendly rates. Recline and get the privacy of the residential space and save on time, energy and money as a city square retail will also be housed in the same premises. Stroll for a morning walk on the jogging track, play with your children in the kids playground; strengthen your muscles on the cycling track and above all promote healthy living. Contribute in reducing the carbon footprints and become an eco friendly citizen as at the Windmill we endorse recycle and reuse through rooftop rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plant etc.

The Windmill is strategically located at Narasapura, the biggest industrial area of the State and one of the major manufacturing hubs in India. Top players like- Volvo, Scania, Toyota, Honda, Mahindra, Mitsubishi, Bando etc have already started with their operation and are planning to expand. Through efficient pollution checks this area has earned the Green City status too. Proximity to NH4 and CBIC makes connectivity swift and convenient. Moreover presence of best schools, hospitals, banks, marketplace in the close vicinity makes living and relocation ideal in this area. As a result price of real estate has gone up and expected to soar higher.

However, investing in real estate is often met with apprehension. As the general notion goes, an individual needs to shell out his entire saving or pay EMI till perpetuity for a humble abode. Shunning all these beliefs, the Windmill will prove to be your dream home, surprisingly at an affordable rate. Hence there are many concrete reasons to invest in the Windmill. We just want to be known as leading builders as we want to be revered as architects of style and comfort thereby spreading the joy of living at affordable rates. There are no dreams but there are plans. Let’s plan our dreams and work together to make it come true.

Author- Shimoni Sinha

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