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Why invest in Narasapura?

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The long stretch of land in the outskirts of Bangalore has got a grand makeover. Welcome to Narasapura- once an obscure hamlet in Kolar district now the biggest industrial area of the State and one of the major manufacturing hubs in India. Top players like- Volvo, Scania, Toyota, Honda, Mahindra, Mitsubishi, Bando etc have already started with their operation and are planning to expand.
Recently Scania Commercial Vehicle, India division rolled out its 1000th truck from assembly line of its Narasapura plant. Further, Honda two wheeler has full fledged plans to replenish its product portfolio by pumping in INR 585 crores its Narasapura industrial unit. Taking advantage of this strategic location, Bando (India) Pvt Ltd is very conveniently managing the marketing operation of not only the aforementioned areas but also for countries and regions with promising markets such as China, India, Australia, the Middle East and Africa etc.
In short the conducive and thriving environment in this new found industrial hub is still enticing more than 200 companies across the globe and the leading players up with their manufacturing are going for capacity expansion. In spite of heavy manufacturing one can still breathe in fresh air and not fumes. Through efficient pollution checks this area has earned the Green City status. It’s a well planned upcoming city. So the lush greenery will continue to flank the highway.
The transformation of Narasapura from humble hamlet to a giant industrial hub is largely owing to its strategic location. Bang on NH4 and proximity to Bangalore international airport makes connectivity swift and convenient. The 6 lane Bangalore Chennai super express is proposed too. It lies within the radius of Chennai Bangalore Industrial corridor. The Japanese government is keen to partner with Karnataka in development of major projects like the Chennai-Bangalore industrial corridor.
Narasapura has emerged out as hot hub of property deals with assured long term return. At present the workforce and visitors are residing in nearby Whitefield area. The recent spurt in residential layouts and apartments along the route is also finding takers. Narsapura is emerging out to be ideal choice for investment and relocation. Don’t be surprised if you find posh residential apartments when driving along NH4. The spacious and green landscape around might make you green with envy. Similarly reputed chains of hotels are also coming up to provide elite services to expatriates and guests. Hence there are enough reasons to invest in Narasapura Industrial Area.

Author- Shimoni Sinha



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