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Ina India & Sai Melamine Crockery

Our industrial buildings/ factories are well planned and all the necessary conditions for safety of workers and the operation of industrial equipment are adhered to.

All our buildings are properly ventilated. There is ample scope of aeration through natural forces and mechanized equipments like exhaust fans etc.

Chhabra Group’s Flagship Project, Ina India Private Limited is a leading manufacturing concern of Formaldehyde located in Karnataka, India with the commitment and contribution of more than 80 efficiently trained minds.

Two plants are operational in Bangalore and Cochin. The third upcoming plant is in Pune.

  • The Flagship Project of the group contributing significantly to the group's turnover
  • One of the leading producers of Formaldehyde in South India with the production capacity of 270 MT per day and an annual turnover of 100 crores
  • Through unmatched Sales Support and profound comprehension of the markets, we have managed to earn customer’s trust and conviction.